APR NEWS Aleppo, Syria

Artist: Andreja restek ©

She participated, speaking of war reporting, in various events organized by University of Turin, UNICEF, the Italian Federation of Photographers, Italian Association Victims of Terrorism, RAN Berlin, Museum of the Resistance in Turin, RAI TV and many local networks.

In the last four years she has closely followed the Syrian war going on site several times because, as the great master Kapuściński said:

“I can not tell how people die at war by sitting in a hotel, far from the battle. How do I know how people feel in a siege, or how is the battle, or which weapons have the soldiers, what clothes they wear, what do they eat and what do they feel? You have to understand the dignity of others, accept them and share their difficulties. Risking life is not enough. The essential is the respect for the people you write about. “

Artist: Bent Hedeby Sørensen – Denmark

Penetration is a series of self portraits of the artist Bent Hedeby Sørensen, who acts as the canvas, on which female figures are projected.

The women represented in classical art historical paintings. and the artists’ self portrait become intertwine in an attempt to reduce the distance between the sexes. The photographs express the inner exile of the artist, who interprets his surroundings while being at a distance

Artist: Carol Farah – Syria

I see them every day and everywhere. I can’t do without catching them with my camera, they are always pure and the most innocent, poor or rich, student or worker, sake or with good health. They have always, the same reaction when they are sad or happy even when they tray to act like an adult when they are forced to lie! We can easily identify the truth from

their lovely eyes pure and innocent.

It’s hard to me to think that one day ago, we were innocent like them and how we lost it today. And it’s even harder to me to imagine that those children some day they will lose it to.

I’m interested by the human-beans in general, I tray to show in my pictures the children from different backgrounds and conditions of life. How fragile they are even in a peaceful and secure country. A child needs a special care everywhere.

In my image I show both, negative and positive sides, children are the light in the dark that I need to capture my image…

Ticket to Baghdad

Artist: Claudia Zanfi & Gianmaria Conti – Italy

“A Ticket to Baghdad” is a cultural visual project after a long tour of Iraq in 2002. It consists in a serie of interviews to students and young artists of the Baghdad Art Academy about their “dreams” for the future and in a series of photographic

images on the city and its architectures.

The artistic work indicates a hypothetical terrain in which Iraqi intellectuals have had to practice the culture of necessity, over the past three decades, as an act of salvation. It is a culture that does not belong to any aesthetic, ethnic or political category;

it belongs only to itself. The creation of this series of “collages” reveals a degree of complexity and a critical attitude of the authors towards contemporary society.

Abandoned Spaces

Artist: Dalia Khamissy – Lebanon

born and raised in Lebanon, a country that has been continuously in conflict since 1975. Dalia always avoided documenting Lebanon’s conflicts until she got deeply involved in it when in 2005 she worked as the photo editor for the Associated Press in Beirut.

In summer 2006, during the 34-days Israeli offensive on

Lebanon, Dalia saw the conflict through the lens of other photographers she was editing. End of 2006, she quit mhery job to go back to photography documenting the aftermath of the war. In Dalia’s “Abandoned Spaces” she aimed at documenting the peace she discovered in every house or mosque, even in the presence of chaos; she wanted to represent the space in the most dignified way.