The Theater of Peculiaritie

Artist: Lucyna Galik – Poland

Photography is anchored in reality which makes it incapable of producing new beings from scratch. Photographers record reality, which is also true for staged photography. Even staged photography cannot do without real objects, which become pieces of a jigsaw puzzle assembled into a certain situation.

Following surrealist tradition I often go on aesthetic pilgrimages to flee markets.

There I gathered my collection of broken china dolls and statuettes.

Those china relics became my own unique alphabet, which allowed me to construct a statement. That’s how this apparently random collection of ancient sculptures,

mythological monsters and victims of genetic engineering was created.

Artist: Mark Nozemen – United Kingdom

In 2006 and 2007 I spent some time in Moldavia, a new

generation of young people grow up with changing values, facing a fast world of economic globalization where there is no time or interest to think about their identity.

A new social classification based on economical, cultural

segregation seems to emerge bringing frustration to citizens who do not have the opportunity to make any individual economic progress.

“The last resort” is the first project about Identity in Europe, I am working on long term projects about Serbia and Georgia

Artist: Mi Ree Abrahamsen – Norway

“Generally, I am a painter, and I have been dealing with abstract ideas, such as “time”, “spaces vs. rooms”, “perishment” and “relations” I want to emphasize that my photos have not been manipulated or improved by any means, I am very fond of imperfection, and thus; I chose to keep the photos strictly natural. improvisations often create better images and artworks than planned works. The spontaneity of the work keeps it fresh and closer to life.

This is what happened here; suddenly I realized the images of the naked woman reflected in the frozen pond were so much more powerful than the actual

naked woman herself.

The abstraction, leaving more space for imagination to work, is thus closer to a mind-process than a naturalistic

portrait can ever be; it enters your conscience more independent of connotations created by a copy (photography) of nature”.

Us/Them II

Artist: Peter Riedlinger – Germany

is a body of photographs that negotiates the massive and accelerated changes in urban and rural space and landscape in the environs of East-Jerusalem.

An initial set of images was created in 2001 with the beginning of the gradual isolation of Palestinian Jerusalem from its natural environment the West Bank, which provided in many ways essential quality of life for the city.

In a long-term, sustainable observation effort this initial work serves as a basis for more and new photographs from 2008 that are put in comparison.

The present and near future of a reality of pure apartheid dictated with all military might and economic power seems evident if one sees the segregated Israeli settlements and the Wall surrounding the city on the one hand, and the Arab part that is kept to its lowest development on the other.

The uniqueness of Jerusalem as a place of universal values and spiritual importance is rapidly eroding. Urban planning and the insane conquest of more and more Palestinian land resources have done enormous physical and psychological damage that hardly leaves room for hope in the Holy Land.