A New Line Art In Syria

After one year for the Syrian complex started, a peaceful movement was born called Art Camping based in Le Pont Art Organization in Aleppo, aiming to spread positive energy and hope to the people , group of youths started this to change something in the city. Art Camping is a non governmental movement, in the hard times that the country is facing, where all the media in the world is talking about blood or the Syrian complex.
Art Camping is a new movement focused on many kinds of Art Like :
Installation – Photography – Modern architecture – Dance – Graphic – Painting and Video Art …..and open to new ideas
The movement tagged are the Young Artist and Art lovers & its direct practice to any idea we have in any second in our minds and try to turn it to Art , In some ways it’s a reaction to that second . because in …that second you might be effected from what Happened around you , it’s a way to free your feelings and to Build a positive energy , between what is in your mind and the effect around you in the society and place you are in the city … we look by this movement to Build a new look to our society , by connected to the Images we see in daily life to each other , its connection between Buildings and Human life and what we hide in our mind …
Art camping includes an unlimited participants all the time, and its open to everyone, at the CD+CD installation for example we had more than 50 volunteer participants… from different occupations %40 are fine Arts students and the other %60 was divided between chemistry students, engineering students, doctors, and painters, in short, the whole society participates in Art camping .
Art Camping is a Peaceful movement started in Aleppo March 3 /2012 , based on development Art and imagination of the young’s ,its also to give a hope and smile to the society , in last hard year people lost the hope , lost to believing to nice Future and many other lost some family member s or property .

In the war time , some chose to become Hero , and some try to win more money and use others ,… every one thing his right , … but we chose to give a Beauty and Smile by Art

many left the country ,we chose to stay , in the time of the Bloody news and dead , we believed of life and peace and love .

with many new installations , some Young’s today give a smile to the city , give some hope to street . no writing no headline its just a happy color … after one week hard works

art Camping it’s a free space to make our imagination reality , it’s the way to think BIG

We get support from the volunteer participants, and slowly they whole city hopefully will become volunteers

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