Artist: Abdul Rahman Khatib – Ismael Muhamad Khatib – Said Khatib – Palestine

we are three brothers, the forth and fifth work, like ourselves as photographers and journalists

we lived the war experience… and barely survived

Abdu Rahman’s house was bombed

and only by the grace of God …he lived

Gaza, September 4th 2009

Artist: Abdul Rahman Khatib – Ismael Muhamad Khatib – Said Khatib – Palestine

Artist: Abir Abdallah – Bangladesh

With the changing climate, the flooding grows ever more extreme and unpredictable. Thousands of straw, bamboo and tin made houses submerge under water. Millions take shelter in the embankment with their live stocks.

Approximately 1.5 million acres of crops have been damaged, destroying the primary source of income for millions of people. I have traveled through many floods affected chars where more than 600,000 people live and their lives are getting more uncertain every year. Fear not to find any more dry lands to live if flood continues. . . I came across many brave people who shifted many times from one land to another in their life.

They understand well this battle against Nature never ends

Artist: Amanda Rivkin – United States

Amanda Rivkin, 25, is a photojournalist currently based in Washington D.C. She began her photojournalism career in covering local and national politics, spot news and features in her hometown, Chicago, and across the Midwest.

There she photographed for publications including The New York Times , where she was a regular contributor for nearly one year, as well as Agence France Presse, Courrier Japon, Der Spiegel, The Financial Times, Le Monde, Newsweek and others In Chicago, Amanda covered Barack Obama’s election night victory, transition to the presidency and historic inauguration

Artist: Anastasia Taylor Lind – United Kingdom

West country farmers have paid their labourers with cider since medieval times; a tradition that remains today in a part of the world where many local customs centre on the apple harvest and cider-making season.

Described as an agricultural necessity and certainly more than just an alcoholic drink, it is a tradition that has bound remote communities together for centuries. The cider, specific to England, is made by simply placing fresh apple juice in airtight oak barrels where fermentation naturally occurs.

The artist is a young London based photojournalist and one of UK’s most promising emerging photographers. Anastasia Taylor Lind’s work is socially concerned and focuses largely on the lives of women as they struggle to survive in patriarchal male-dominated environments.


Artist: Andrej Glusgold – Russia Germany

In the ongoing series “New Romanticism” I photograph painters and poets living in Berlin and German landscapes in Brandenburg and Thüringen. I am

interested in tradition of romantic painting of the 19th century. What did survive from this attitude and can be translated into modern pictures? How

can one transform metaphysic longing and spirituality into photographs?