Artist: Leonardo Autera / Italian

An archive of 3,500,000 images, 168 places in the world he photographed. Some 10,000 photographs dedicated to Basilicata, including landscapes, art, architecture and social reportage. As for the rest of its production, they face war, travel, portraits. Autera born in Pomarico (Basilicata) in 1961. He attended high school science in Matera

On a trip to Spain with his fa

ther in 1972, photographing bullfights in Madrid: by this time the MINOLTA iron becomes his companion for life. Buy his first book presented by the photographer PHOTOGRAPHY Belluno Mario De Biasi

drawings by Pierre Michel DECRON DUPUINS of Longanesi & C Editor.

At 16 he left his father’s house by going underground, first in France in Besançon. made his first report on prostitution. Return to Pomarico, where the elderly at the center organizes the result of that report, but the time is still immature for the audacity of that issue, to the point that the scandal broke, the police forcibly raised the pictures from the walls inviting him to abruptly leave the center immediately. Clearly perceive that, unfortunately, there is no place for him and starts to Germany, in Düsseldorf, where he remained until the early ’80s. Freelace worked as a reporter, traveling around the world. Meanwhile, participating in various exhibitions in major Italian cities, French and German.

Artist: Luca Sidro / Italy

This project is an alternative view of Naples.

This is “my Naples”, a city known worldwide today to nearby places like Pompeii and Capri, locked into a stereotype that only talks about pizza, Mount Vesuvius and the music of the mandolin.

A city portrayed in the past by several photographers, including foreigners, who have always emphasized only the folk side: The Vesuvius, small crowded streets, the clothes hanging from the balconies, the Mafia.

This is an alternative narrative that begins with a single shot, emotionally, without the need to tell a fact.

A mediterranean style inspired by forms, shapes and colors.

An instinctive and rational approach at the same time.

I print these photos on fine art paper Hanemuhnle photorag satin, in a small format 13cm x 13cm and note a title with a pen on each photo.

Artist: Marcin Andrezejewski / Poland

In defining the modern metropolis known as the Shangri-La, Marcin Andrzejewski provokes. Encouraged to reject the mundane meanings, which filled in the daily hustle and bustle of the concrete beast. Shangri-La is the world of literary non-existent. “The land of the harmony and wisdom” which is so urgently needed. If the art would mean nothing but emotional triggers,

the land of imagination, the agreement will remain an intimate space with the viewer. We understand it, each individual, the ability to experience life, but the overriding feature is that the boundaries of the land rover in excess of Shangri-La, was banned from leaving. This is the provocation – the superiority of the image over literature, as well as the ephemeral life. Who will feel the taste of photography, to leave this magical land will not have the slightest need.

Marcin Seweryn Andrzejewski was born in 1977 in Drezdenko, Poland. Member Gorzow Photographic Society and the Association of Polish Art Photographers. Graduated from Higher School of Photography in Jelenia Gora in the studio of Wojciech Zawadzki. He is a photograph based on classical techniques. Since 2005 he lives and works in London.

Selected solo exhibitions:

1996 Warszawa, Galeria WIPH,

1996 Gorzow Wlkp., Mala Galeria GTF,

2000 Wroclaw, Piwnica Stanczyka,

2001 Krasiczyn, Galeria ARP,

2001 Gorzow Wlkp, Mala Galeria GTF,

2002 Gorzow Wlkp, Mala Galeria GTF,

2002 Ostrowiec Swietokrzyski, Galeria Browar,

2003 Jelenia Gora, Galeria Korytarz,

2004 Groningen, Light Zone,

2004 Wroclaw, Galeria ARP,

2010 Gorzow Wlkp, Mala Galeria GTF,

2011 Szczecin, Fotart.