Two weeks in Homs /Short Movie

Artist: Nathalie kardjiane / Syria

Before March 2011,Homs was a city famous of jokes ..

Since one year, after having thousands of the refuges who trying to find a new home… no one remember the fun of Homs It becomes a symbol of tragedy. We lost fun, we lost happiness,

They left their home with hundred questions in their minds; they don’t know who and why was shooting …they were only knew one part from this conflux

” about the peaceful demonstration in the beginning of the problems

I stayed in the beginning of the crises in Aleppo city

. I was trying to make my self busy for not thinking about what happing in my home town , but every weekly phone call with my parents and friends I was shock with the bad news and End my day very sadly…

April 30 – 2012

The missed news about my uncle from 20 days ended with a phone call from my mother saying that they found him killed, I shocked and decided to take the risk and hit the road with the hope to be a wrong information.

All family went to distinguish my uncle body from the other corpses in the military hospital and in the way to there we pass by my school building which was unfortunately completely destroyed.

Recognizing the body was easy because of his broken pinky finger. Otherwise the rest of the body was deformed…

Every thing changed for ever…and we don’t know how Homs will be after crises…

And in that two weeks I felt I lost my home I lost my neighborhood I lost my school I lost Homs city

Nathalie kardjiane / Syria

Born in Homs, Syria 1988 lives and work in Aleppo .

Nathalie kardjian graduated from the University of Fine Art in Aleppo year 2010..

2012 she was one of the fonder of Art camping successful activity in Aleppo during the Syrian crises with Le Pont organization in Aleppo city ..

“ Two week in Homs “ her first Documentary movie about personal experience in Homs / April 2012

Her Movie will be part from Aleppo International photo festival 2012 in Aleppo /Syria

Artist: Nseabasi akpan – Nigeria

Born 1978 in Ibadan, Oyo State, Nigeria. Nseabasi akpan is a freelance photographer with a passion for reportage and experimental documentary; he has been working as a photographer since 2004.

In 2010 he won the African Artists’ Foundation Award and he won the European Union/African Union Photography Prize in 2011. His works have been published by the BBC Focus on Africa Magazine (London), Jeune Afrique (Paris) as well several print and electronic media in Nigeria.

Nseabasi’s work has been shown in art exhibition in Nigeria, Ghana, Ethiopia and Croatia.

Artist: Photo By Luca Sidro