Artist: Anil Eraslan / Turkey

This project began last year.

After all these years passed from the childhood, I wanted to recreate the images that

remained in my memory. It’s a return to my childhood, places, and intimate moments as a psychoanalytic research

to myself.

The importance I give in recreating these moments is because of my personal

wonder to show myself a part of my past with my vision of today and

let the spectators also take out their hidden images in their memories.

The series consists of 12 photographs in silver color that will be exposed

As a photographer, he participated to many exhibitions in Turkey and in France and is awarded by Geniş Açı Young Talents Project, Nancy Jazz Pulsations, Px3 and Center of Fine Arts in Fort Collins in USA. During 3 months from october, he will stay and work in Berlin as a CEAAC (Centre Européen d’Actions Artistiques Contemporaines) residency artist in Berlin.

Artist: Anna Aseeva

In all my works i try to show ” another “side of reality.i try to open elusive, mystery of people, things, spaces.i make invisible visible. sometimes its a dark sides, sometimes white,but it always contrast of that lies on a surface.

some words about technical moments of my works:

i I have no single stile . I don’t like a glamour and glossy in art. I take my pictures with many kind of cameras, from handy to ancient cameras . As I started with films, i still have more satisfaction from black-and-white chemical process. I often use outdated materials: paper, film , chemicals. I like to make any size pictures despite of that modern photography tend to big size pictures.


Artist: Carlo Bevilacqua / Italy

A new utopia? A distant reality? Forget it. Here’s another consequence of the din of the modern world. Hermits have not disappeared. They are a growing and fascinating phenomenon, instead. They don’t indulge in the search for isolation for social or personal ambitions, neither it’s a matter of misanthropy. They hold graduate degrees and well established jobs. Most of them come from a religious background but there are also many laymen amongst them: architects, doctors, directors, writers, teachers. Regardless their own habits prayer, meditation and silence are crucial to them. Some of them have an e-mail address, some others completely refuse technology. Some of them pose for pictures while others do not grant an interview, even an unrecorded one. Some use the voicemail as a filter for calls, others answer the phone just once a day. Laymen or religious, Catholics or Orthodoxes, shaman healers: these are the contemporary hermits whose powerful and fascinating effect lies mostly in their presence and witnessing. Sometimes they live isolated in small apartments in the heart of our cities but most often they choose to dwell in the woods or in small villages. The early pioneers of the solitary life made their first appearance in France, Canada and Italy at the beginning of the 80’s. The western hermitage – after the extraordinary flowering of the early Christianity age and of the High Middle Age – disappeared from the 19th century to the first half of the 20th. However from the beginning of the 60’s, someone have begun to reconsider it as a lifestyle, not a mere religious choice. A little, hidden but lively strong world far from the false myths and needs of our unnecessarily dizzy society.

Into The Silence is the new Carlo Bevilacqua’s long term photographic project about the contemporary hermits.

He has met and spent time with dozens of very special people who have chosen to live in solitude for religious reasons, others because they wanted to stay in touch with nature, others for love … In short, each with a different history and motivation.

He went to Mount Athos in Greece, and to Wales. He spent weeks in an Italian hermitage, at monastery in the middle of nowhere of Georgia’s desert, in the desert of the California, in France, in Southern India and Darjeeling,

He met secular hermits, Christian, Orthodox, living in caves, in cemeteries, in TeePee, fascinated by their extraordinary stories of surprising humanity which strike for the radical choice of lifestyle and for the beauty of life that flows from it.

Images from Into The Silence have already been displayed in various international festivals and galleries such as

Encontros Da Imagem – Braga (Portugal)

Open Salon Photography 2011 – Gallery Huit – Arles 2011 (France)

Photography Open Salon 2012 – China House – Kuala Lumpur (Malaysia)

Fotonoviembre 2011 – Atlantica Colectivas – Tenerife (Spain)

Taylor Wessing Prize 2011 – National Portrait Gallery London ( UK)

SpazioFarini6 Gallery Milan PhotoFestival 2012 (Italy)

Cortona On The Move Photofestival 2012 (Italy)

Artist: Cath. An / France

She found her niche in art history, then architecture from where she got a degree.

“Her native land is a land of sentences picked up along the books she read or the walks she had. From these, she extracted, in her own special way (maybe due to her Croat origins) poetry.

She lives on words ; she lets them settle in her mind, under the shape of some writings or some photos. She turns these gushing emotions into photos. Cath. An. has learnt from her architecture studies precision in constructing anything – whenceher «series» which are playful variations of lines and shapes. The core of her quest is not here yet. It lies more in her will to suggest a presence by the absence of a subject.

And especially because she wants to share what she feels from the quivering behind appearances under the veil of light.”

Catherine SIMON, Historian of Art