Despite all the horrors of war and the difficulties of being in Aleppo, I and the other team members & intellectuals that have been working together to now , still think as an Aleppians need more Nationals and Internationals attention and Support.

The civilians of our city, who stand to live and witness those moments in Aleppo deserve to have a peaceful moment, to stand and enjoy your photographic Arts works. This will provide a hint of normalcy that Aleppians can enjoy , similar that any citizen of the around the world can enjoy easily .
This will be the second time that we will hold this Festival under horrible conditions.
This year, it will be a symbolic opening. The new date for this opening is December 2014.we would like to ask all Photographers,to resend us the photos they send before as movie, PDF & slide show to
For the new participant photographer our new Deadline will be End of September.
The Photo Gathering is now in its 12th year and has continued to grow and make a significant contribution to the cultural life of Aleppo and Syria even when it became a war zone.

This success has helped us work in Peace times before & war zone now and has encouraged us to continue working. As a result more and more artists from around the globe are participating.

We still Believed: Art has to be the best way to build trust between Countries.